Powers-Spalding Lions
are ready to Serve the Community!


Powers-Spalding Annual Birthday-Anniversary-
School Sports Event Calendar: 

This is a monthly calendar that our community participates in!  This calendar has almost 2,000 birthdays, Anniversary’s, and School Sports Events! There are also 36 display ads advertising local businesses on the cover so you can refer to their information and phone numbers all year long!

So how do you get your family dates on the Calendar? 

The process is simple:
A family member calls the Lions Club Calendar Chairman and gives them their family’s information. 
The Lion’s Club keeps the dates on an index card.  Every year we ask if you would like a calendar and if any additions or changes should be made.  The Calendars are ordered in May and then delivered to you shortly after! Submit your information before April 1st! Call to get your family on the Calendar, or you can also buy calendars without having birth-dates on the Calendar!

The Powers-Spalding Lions Club was organized on October 12, 1938 as the North Menominee County Lions Club. The Lions Club received its charter on November 2, 1938.
The Powers-Spalding Lions Club is a very active organization.

Since it was organized, the Powers-Spalding Lions Club has participated in many outstanding
activities and within the last few years has supported and/or donated to over 30 charities,
organizations, non-profits, and many youth programs.

The P/S Lions Club welcomes both Men and Women that would like to become members,
or to volunteer to help at our events.

The P/S Lions Club is part of The Single District 10 Lions in Michigan’s Beautiful
Upper Peninsula, Menominee County, in Spalding Township.

Please check out our upcoming schedule of events! 

Contact us if you would like to volunteer to help out at one of our events,
or if you would like to attend one of our local meetings, or become a member!